Bass Digital Education Fellowship

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As a Bass Digital Education Fellows I collaborated with faculty in Duke Game Lab and Learning Innovation to create a series of student-led game design opportunities. Including establish

Our main focus was establishing a site of the Global Game Jam at Duke. The GGJ brings together designers of all levels together to create analog and digital games in 48 hours. It's the largest jam, with over 900 sites around the world in 2020, that brings students into a global community of gamer and game designers. Find students' final projects here and as well as press coverage by the Graduate School and Learning Innovation for further details.

Leading into the GGJ, I hosted a series of workshops with local scholars and game designers that give students and faculty a basic grounding in game development principles. Many of the workshops were also incorporated into Game Lab courses and the undergraduate game design fellowship curricula.

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During the Spring term, I also participated in a pilot of the University of Michigan's gameful education platform, GradeCraft. I collaborated with Professors Shai Ginsburg and Leo Ching to adapt their undergraduate game studies course into a gameful format that allows students to 'choose their own adventure' in the classroom. GradeCraft's flexibility allows students to determine their own path through course material to suit their learning style and educational goals by choosing where-- and on what assignments-- their efforts are best spend. I am also designing the documentation and evaluation of the pilot to inform Duke's choice of whether or not to invest in licensing the software for the University at large.