The best research comes from people who are invested in the communities they study. I began teaching myself game design in 2018 to better understand the work behind the media I studied.

In 2019, I became of the first Game Design Fellows for the Duke University Games and Culture lab. Through the program, I mentored students making and studying games while creating multiple game concepts based on my dissertation research.

I also hosted the first Global Game Jam site at Duke University in 2020 on behalf of the Duke Game Lab and department of Learning Innovation. Our group of 23 jammers (plus some faculty drop-ins that didn't want to miss the fun) made 6 games in 48 hours, which you can play here.


My game, Threads, is a multi-media game that allows you to learn basic sewing skills to mend garments inspired by the 2020 GGJ theme: repair. You can also see our work featured around the Duke community here and here.

GGJ 3.jpg