Research, teaching, and service are all essential parts of a scholarly community as well as my scholarly practice. I have sought opportunities to participate in pedagogical development and the community of my department.


I was a fellow in Duke University’s Preparing Future Faculty program, where I was mentored by digital media scholars at North Carolina State University’s English Department. While learning about the needs and practices of the institution, I was also able to observe diverse ways of integrating technology and media studies into classrooms of all levels. I will also receive our Certificate in College Teaching upon graduation, where I focused on diversity training and the use of technology in the classroom.

In my department, I have served as an elected liaison between graduate students and faculty. During my tenure I assisted with three faculty hires in American studies as well as our external review process. I was also an organizer of the Americanist Speakers Series with colleagues at the University of North Carolina for three years. The series, sponsored by the journal American Literature, brings scholars across the region to share works in progress. As organizers, we used the Series to fill in curricular gaps at our home institutions, create networking opportunities for graduate studies both locally and in the region, and offer models for professional development from emerging scholars in American studies and related fields.

I have taught both introductory writing courses and topic driven seminars. I also have experience teaching large lectures, surveys of American literature and film, and interdisciplinary co-teaching with science faculty. Courses I am prepared to teach include seminars and lectures on video games, science fiction, media studies, and 19th and 20th century American literature.

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