Student Game Development Resources

A Twine presentation introducing you to select development platforms.

Helpful links:

More on storyboards and game design.

Game Design Doc Template Includes information covered in a concept document plus other information found in a design document. Helpful guide to questions to consider as you think through your game.

Coursera  Just search "video game" or "game design" on To access the audit option just click "enroll" on the class's homepage and scroll down to the audit link at the bottom of the page.

Pixel Prospector Lots of free resources for game developers, from design to even business and marketing advice for indie developers.

TIGForums An online forum for indie developers from TIGsource, can sometimes find answers to questions as well as inspiration from other dev’s projects.

Bonus: The Beginner's Guide  A narrative video game about creation from the creator of The Stanley Parable. In case you need a break :)

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