Case Study: GradeCraft Pilot

Project: Pilot a gameful learning management system (LMS) in undergraduate game studies course in collaboration with instructional team.


  1. Develop an implementation plan for the LMS

  2. Determine whether the LMS added to student experience justifying a Lab-wide license.


  1. I designed experience pathways based on faculty's assessments by applying gameful pedagogy and gamification principle.

  2. I monitored students' use of platform features to determine frequency of use and any correlation to educational outcomes including reduction of late work, improved grades, or increased classroom engagement.

  3. I assessed student experience through surveys, observations, and interviews to contextualize quantitative date within their classroom experience.

  4. I interviewed and observed the instructional team, two professors and one TA, about their experience of the platform and its translation to class outcomes.

Key Insights:

  1. Students were interested in the multiple pathways offered by a gameful learning experience however many found the shift from classroom norms confusing.

  2. Students were aware of many of the tools in the LMS but did not make use of them because they did not align with their expectations of how faculty share grades and feedback. There was no significant correlation between using these tools and improved learning outcomes.

  3. The multiple pathways afforded by a gameful LMS created an exponentially greater workload for the instructional team.

Outcome: I reported key observations and design iterations to the instructional teams to improve LMS use in a future course including,

    1. Foregrounding the rules of a gameful course when students register and inviting them to the platform before the course started with an introductory tutorial activity.

    2. Creating a video walk-through of available tools and their uses for faculty and students.

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