I'm Katya Gorecki

I'm a researcher, educator, and maker at the cross section of tech and culture. I'm excited about using digital media to drive social impact, spark conversation, and imagine a better technological future.

(And have a fun time!)



Making is a form of research and experimentation; learning to podcast, program, create games, and more is my way of understanding my work in practice as well as theory.



I use qualitative research methods to understand how we use technology in our lives to create more effective and ethical work. I'm currently pursuing a career in UX research as the practical application of my doctoral work on the perception and cultural history of gaming and VR in the U.S.



Sharing the tools of cultural studies is my way of making the world thinking a little more critically about the worlds they interact with daily - making them more aware of the ethics within the everyday.

 I've taught as a graduate instructor, designed workshops for professional development, and led development of online educational resources.