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I like to learn by making and experimenting with new ways of sharing knowledge. Below are some of my projects, reach out if you’d like to learn more about a specific project.

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Understanding Pop Culture Through Discussion

Vox Populorum began in 2017 to share the experience of the barroom conversation after the academic conference -often the source of the most interesting new ideas- with a broader community.

Our hybrid blog and podcast model invites listeners to discuss topics on contributor essays shared before recording. We address everything from comics to politics through the lens of cultural studies and qualitative analysis. Comments are shared on-air, often by the listener themselves as an invited panelist.

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A Game of Mending

Threads was my contribution to the 2020 Global Game Jam. It teaches some basic sewing skills to mend garments based on my 20 years of making my own clothing

Though not necessary to play the game, if you would like to try your hand at some meat-space mending you will need: a cloth object to be mended, a sewing needle, and thread. Depending on the mending needed you may also need:

a patch of fabric either matching or contrasting from your project (will be visible and/or iron-on interfacing, either single sided for mending a tear or double sided for mending a hole.



Experimental Games Presenting Research

I designed and tested a series of game concepts presenting the first chapter of my dissertation as a Game Design Fellow for Duke's Games and Cultures Lab.

The current version, still in process, is a card and role playing game that simulates the consequences of a witch hunt. Game materials are based on archival evidence from the Salem legal documents and current scholarly theories of what turned the Salem trials from one of the last gasps of a waning religious practice into a cultural touchstone in 20th and 21st century life in the U.S.

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